In these times of uncertainty, we want to be a safe haven to our clients. We want to be a place that you can come to unwind, to put aside your stresses and worries of the times, and feel SAFE. It is of utmost importance to us that we do our part to prevent the spreading COVID-19 and that we keep our clients safe.

Below is listed our

9-Point COVID-19

safety protocols and precautions:

1. Masks will be worn at all times by the practitioner and client.


2. While face down on the massage table, we will be implementing the CDC approved Hammock Method. This method uses a pillowcase on the face cradle to create a large “mask” which allows more space to breathe, but it is contained like a mask. This is the only time a mask will be off.

3. Upon entering our establishment, we will be taking temperatures, requiring hand sanitizing, and requiring street shoe removal.

4. Every surface that has been touched will be disinfected with medical-grade cleaner between each client, massage table, doorknobs, chairs, etc. Clean linens, blankets, and towels will be used. We will be allowing extra cleaning time between clients to allow for this.

5.  Practitioners will wash their hands up to elbows before and after treatment sessions, as always has been done.

6. High-grade air purifiers will be used on high in each room and will be on at all times.

7. We will be using a professional laundering service to provide proper disinfection to all linens, towels, pillows, blankets, etc used for each client.

8. Pre-screening forms will be sent to each client to be filled out and returned before the client comes in. We are fully paperless to allow for less opportunity for infection spread.

9. We will do a once-over cleaning at the end of each day which will include vacuuming/ sweeping along with disinfection.