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Kara Albaine

Licensed Massage Therapist

Co-Owner of GreenHouse Balance, LLC

Kara graduated from the Therapeutic Massage Program at SpaTech Institute in Plymouth, MA in 2013. She is licensed in CT and insured through AMTA. Kara provided Therapeutic massage to a large clientele in Wareham, MA before relocating to CT in 2018. 


Kara is passionate about the profound importance of therapeutic human touch and the impact that it has to achieve healing to the body and soul. She works hard to massage in an individualized and intuitive way based on her client’s specific needs. Her style of massage is founded on the concept of creating length and space in the body with the intention of improving posture and relieving musculoskeletal discomfort and in a relaxing and stress relieving manner.


Kara studied under Leslie Stager’s Fundamentals of Prenatal Massage course, which provided her with the knowledge and skills needed to extend her work to expectant mothers.


After sixteen years of ballet, she hung up her pointe shoes and took to the yoga mat. She practices yoga frequently to keep strong, limber and aligned. Because she believes in the importance of physical movement, she plans to go to Yoga Teacher Training in the future to bring her passion for yoga to the clients of GreenHouse Balance. She is active as a local business networker as President of Crescent Beach BNI where she represents GreenHouse Balance.


When she is not massaging she will most likely be found singing, knitting, reading a mystery book or watching classic films all the while spending time with her husband and darling pets (one cat and five mice).


She looks forward to using her skills to help her community thrive while collaborating with other local businesses!


Elaine Burr

Licensed Massage Therapist

Co-Owner of GreenHouse Balance, LLC

Elaine Burr, LMT, graduated from The Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy located in Groton, CT in August 2016. She is licensed with the CT Board of Health and carries malpractice insurance under AMTA of which she has been a member of and holds good standing with since joining in 2016.

Elaine has been building a steady and loyal clientele since she first began working at a local high end spa in 2017. She continues to further her education and is currently studying Orthopedic Massage at the Whitney Lowe Academy of Clinical Massage. Elaine's goal as a Massage Therapist is to design an individualized medical approach style massage for each client. 

Elaine specializes in helping people with chronic pain related to illnesses and injuries, neck & shoulder pain, headaches and migraines, all while providing a relaxing and therapeutic environment. She believes that every person has a different frequency, which should be listened to. By doing so, this helps guide the client and therapist on the journey throughout the healing process.

In her spare time, Elaine takes joy and pride in caring for her houseplants. She is especially fond of her Zygopetalum Orchid. Plants have always reminded her how beautiful life is. She believes that humans and plants have similar needs, such as kindness, love and room to grow. Elaine realizes how beneficial plants are to our overall health. In fact, she believes they promote healing by helping to restore balance to the whole person. Hence, the name GreenHouse Balance was born. When Elaine partnered with Kara Albaine, to open GreenHouse Balance, her vision to create a botanical massage atmosphere all year round became a reality.

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