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Plant your Massage

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Custom Therapeutic Massage

Rather than getting confused with the many categories of massage, we find the best way to approach our Customized Therapeutic Massage is to customize this massage to fit your body’s specific needs at the time of your appointment. Before your Custom Therapeutic Massage we will ascertain your preferred massage pressure and your goals for this Custom Massage session. For example are you here to relax and get relief from your stresses? Would you like the focus of this Custom Therapeutic Massage to be on a current injury or a specific area where you are feeling tension? Do you need relief from chronic headaches or neck and shoulder pain or would you rather this Custom Therapeutic Massage focus on decreasing inflammation? With the knowledge gained from a thorough intake, we can use a variety of techniques to provide you with the specific custom service that your body needs.


CBD Treatment with Custom Therapeutic Massage

CBD has many benefits which have been studied to include reducing stress and improving your mood. CBD studies have also concluded that CBD helps with improving chronic pain, improving skin health, and so much more. A Custom Therapeutic Massage with CBD is a great way to achieve even better results from your Custom Massage treatment.


Prenatal Custom Therapeutic Massage

This Custom Therapeutic Prenatal Massage is customized to fit the needs of expectant mothers. Proper support and bolstering is used to safely massage each mother-to-be in a side-lying position. As with all of our Custom Massages, the knowledge gained from a thorough intake will allow this Custom Prenatal Massage to be specified to your body's needs.

Massage AD-ONS


We offer a variety of massage ad-ons. See our Custom Massage Ad-ons below. These ad-ons can be added to any Massage Session.

Cold Therapy

Marble Cold Stones and/or cooling agent can be added to any custom massage.

Heat Therapy

Whether it is to sooth your muscles or just to aid in relaxation - Hot Towels and Heating pads await you with this add on.

Seasonal Body Scrub

Our rotating seasonal scrubs can be added to your massage session. Body scrubs help exfoliate the skin leaving your skin smooth. Luxurious creams are used provide a moisturizing treatment to skin following the exfoliation. This can be booked as Full Body Scrub or Upper Body Scrub.

Additional Time

Add 10 or 20 minutes to any 60 minute massage


Aromatherapy is an add on in which you can enjoy Doterra essential oils or Keyano Aromatics cream to enhance your experience with a myriad of scent choices.

Keyano Aromatics

With many scent options of Body Cream and Oil, Keyano Aromatics not only smell delightful but will be great nourishment for dry skin

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