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Why Massage and Self-Care Matters

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

It is my desire to start a blog for our clients to learn variety of interesting topics including stretches, beneficial information about your musculoskeletal system, and of course, fun info on plants and much more!

Let’s start this blog off right by discussing self-care.

Who among us doesn’t feel guilty at times when doing something for themselves.

I’ve done it; we all have. Let us think about this for a few minutes.

Why should we feel guilty about taking care of our body? Our body is the vessel we live in for the entirety of our life. We need to prioritize time to take care of it.

Having a massage as part of a self-care routine can help prevent the occurrence of injuries by keeping muscles and soft tissues aligned and limber as well as lower our stress level. Let’s face it, we all need to lower our stress level. A huge percentage of health conditions have been linked to stress. When we think of living a healthy lifestyle, self-care should be taken into consideration.

At GreenHouse Balance, we want to help break the stigma of feeling guilty about taking care of one’s self.

How can we properly do our jobs and care for our loved ones and friends if we are ignoring our own body’s needs?

Our plants provide a unique opportunity to be immersed in nature while having your massage treatment. Kara and Elaine provide two different styles of massage which achieve problem solving results for your pains and aches. We work together to find the best solutions for your body’s needs. Elaine takes an orthopedic approach focusing on muscle alignments and trigger points. Kara works the muscles in such a way that releases adhesions and stretches muscles to bring length back to the body. We both work to improve oxygen and blood flow to the muscles and to release muscle tension and stress. We would love to work with you and become a part of your self-care journey.

We encourage you to do the things that you have been putting off.

Book that massage, book that facial, take that yoga class, take that hike that you’ve been putting off, or even just take that 10 minutes with a cup of tea to be alone with your thoughts. When you take the time to tend to yourself, you will feel revived and so much more prepared to tackle the work and stress that everyday life sends our way.

Why not take this journey to care for the body that we have been given. There is nothing to lose, only to gain.



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